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How much will it cost to rent a restroom trailer?

There are a lot of factors to determine cost. The first step is to provide us with information by filling out the form on our contact page. Once we understand the needs around your event, then we can provide you with a firm quote for your luxury restroom trailer(s). Every effort will be made to understand and anticipate what will be required for a seamless restroom experience at your event. Some of these requirements will add an additional cost.

What is included?

Delivery, setup, breakdown, removal, power cords, and water hoses. We will provide all paper products and hand soap for one-day events. If your event is multiple days additional services will be required. These additional services will require additional charges.

How many restrooms do I need?

The following guidelines have been provided by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) on how many restroom stations are needed for an event:


Restroom Calculator

How can I reserve a restroom trailer?

The first step is to provide us with information by filling out the form on our  contact page. Once we understand all necessary needs around your event, then we can properly provide a quote. All bookings/reservations require a non-refundable deposit. Your trailer is not a reserved unit we have received the deposit.

When will my luxury restroom trailer be delivered?

We usually deliver the day before an event and pick up the first business day thereafter. We will deliver and pick it up whenever you like, no worries.

How will the restroom trailer get delivered to my event?

All of our luxury restroom trailers are pulled from location to location by truck and placed at the event location. Significant room is needed for these trucks and trailers to maneuver for proper trailer placement. The final trailer location must be placed on level ground with very little to zero slope.

Will I need a permit for my restroom trailer?

Most private events do not require permits for restroom trailers.

Are your restroom trailers wheelchair accessible?

We do offer a stand-alone ADA accessible luxury restroom. Our current fleet of luxury restroom trailers do not offer ADA accessibility.